Let’s tune your violin. Start by playing your A string


Turn your adjuster clockwise


Turn your adjuster anti-clockwise

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How to tune your violin using nSpireMe's tuner!

Play your A string


Turn your fine adjuster anticlockwise until the tuner says “A”, and the needle is in the centre.


Turn your fine adjuster clockwise until the tuner says “A”, and the needle is in the centre.


If the fine adjuster doesn’t get you close enough, or you don’t have one (!), then you need to use the peg! Try to push the peg in as you twist.

Sharp? Twist the peg away from the scroll.

Flat? Twist the peg towards the scroll.

Now repeat for D, G and E strings!

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Helping children supercharge their violin learning with interactive practice apps

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Accelerate your child's progress through more effective, efficient and fun practice.

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Your child gets instant, actionable feedback on pitch and timing in a way that nurtures progress.

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The best way to practice the violin

Help your child to get better, quicker

nSpireMe keeps children super engaged in between lessons, empowering them to help themselves and developing more intrinsic motivation to practice.

Benefits to parents Benefits to teachers

Benefits to teachers

Your students will get better, quicker

Students get instant feedback on intonation and timing, and will be more motivated to practice in between lessons.

In harmony with your teaching

Access to a wide music library for music grades 1-3, Suzuki 1-4 and Vamoosh.

Real-time feedback

Easy to understand traffic light colours shows them which bits to fix.

Keeps students motivated

Allows children to measure their own improvement in a fun environment.

Benefits to parents

A practice buddy to help your child

You child gets unlimited help between lessons with technology-enabled guidance and feedback on how to get better. Watch as your child practices more and improves their musicality.

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Help your child to help themselves

Easy-to-understand traffic light feedback system shows them which bits to fix. Listen to demo recordings to see what it should sound like.

Play along

Your child can practice by themselves, with a metronome (click) or with recorded accompaniment

Teaches them how to tune their violin

Children learn how to get their violin sounding its best, with our interactive tuner.

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Who are we?

nSpireMe was founded by conductor and music entrepreneur Stuart Barr to help children unleash their musicality. Our ethos is that every child possesses extraordinary powers of creativity, and it's our job to develop technology that enables them to unleash it through optimising the teaching-practice circle.

Prior to founding nSpireMe, Stuart was conductor to the veteran artiste Dame Shirley Bassey for 6 years, conducting her worldwide from the Oscars, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert to her farewell album at Abbey Road. He taught at the Royal Academy of Music for a decade, recently took his MBA in the Creative Industries at the University of Cambridge, and is Chairman of the London Youth Choir.